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Accused faces serious penalties for pretending to be flight crew

Though the basic definition of fraud involves the crime of intentionally deceiving someone for personal financial gain, there are many different types of fraud that have additional elements, with each one having to be proven in order to find the accused guilty of the crime. Where the fraud takes place over phone lines or utilizes electronic communications, for instance, the criminal charge can amount to wire fraud. One of the elements that must be proven to find someone guilty of wire fraud is proof that it was reasonably foreseeable that the accused would use wire communications.

An Atlanta man is currently facing three counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy for allegedly booking airline reservations by pretending to be a flight crew member. According to investigators, he allegedly booked hundreds of flights on various carriers, costing the airlines hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Man accused of identity theft, stealing thousands from banks

Gone are the days when theft only referred to robbery or physical possession of stolen property-in today's technologically advanced era theft of thousands of dollars can take place without ever leaving the confines of one's own home. Among the various types of theft, the one growing at the fastest rate in the nation may be identity theft. This is when someone's personal information-social security number, PIN numbers, credit history-are obtained either by illegally accessing government or financial institutions or through stealing mail, wallets and debit or credit cards.

Just because it does not sound as threatening as a robbery, identity theft is a very serious crime and carries serious penalties because it robs victims of their peace of mind, money and time. Victims are often clueless about the theft until they see the charges on their bills. This may be why a city in Georgia's police force is asking the supposed victims of an alleged 57-year-old identity thief to step forward and identify themselves.

Two indicted in false invoicing scheme involving airline company

Even though an indictment only contains charges and the accused is innocent until proven guilty, accusations have the potential to harm the reputation someone has spent years building up. Accusations can affect employment opportunities, child custody determinations and even personal relationships. However, it is also important to remember that these accusations are just that-it is up to the government to prove these charges and it is possible for a strong defense to undermine many aspects of the government's case.

According to a recent indictment, an ex Delta Air Lines Inc. employee and his accomplice were accused of defrauding Delta Air Lines for over $20 million. The indictment alleges that the two defrauded the Atlanta based company through a false invoicing scheme between the years of 2004 and 2013.

More than 50 indicted in alleged food stamp fraud in Georgia

A number of Georgians have been indicted recently on charges of defrauding the federal government. They are suspected of participating in one of the largest federal food program frauds ever. Fifty-four people were indicted in the alleged scheme involving the WIC and food stamp programs. According to the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, the alleged behavior of the accused is akin to stealing from the federal government.

According to prosecutors, the accused had set up fake grocery stores across the state and persuaded people from neighboring areas to sell their food stamps and vouchers for a fraction of their actual value. These stores are now shut down, according to authorities. Prosecutors claim that a husband and wife team was listed as owners of every store involved in the alleged scheme. According to those involved with the investigation, the alleged scheme was so complex that nothing similar to it had ever been seen before.

Financial advisor arrested for alleged frauds against churches

Facing a federal charge could mean enduring intensive investigation and negative impacts on the accused's personal and professional life. Even a relatively minor allegation could harm the career and livelihood of an individual, especially when they are accused of fraud in their line of work. Defendants in Georgia should ensure their rights are honored and protected in the situation. This can prevent and limit the hardships that the charges or accusations can have on them.

It was recently reported that the former financial advisor of several prominent evangelical congregations was arrested recently and faces federal fraud charges. According to the reports released by federal authorities, the man and his business partner were indicted and charged for allegedly defrauding investors from across the nation to the tune of $5 million. This affected some prominent mega-churches in Georgia and Texas, and the U.S. Department of Justice believes more than 80 people in Georgia lost more than $2 million due to this scheme.

Federal drug charges ensue after raid in Atlanta

Seventeen members of an alleged drug ring were indicted recently on federal charges after an operation carried out by more than a dozen agencies including ICE and Homeland Security uncovered the alleged ring in Atlanta. The indictment included charges of conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The indicted here are accused of transporting large amounts of illegal substances from Mexico into Atlanta and are charged with using the Atlanta metropolitan area for carrying out their activities. Drug charges are serious enough on their own, but when they cross state boundaries and, as in this case, a country's border, they often become federal drug charges. Almost all federal crimes carry with them serious penalties, including prison sentences.

Test driving BMW leads to woman's arrest on prior fraud charges

An Atlanta woman who wanted to test drive a BMW in another state was arrested after allegedly using the stolen identification of a woman from yet another state. The supposedly stolen information included the social security number and birth date of the other woman.

The 58-year-old accused was at a car dealership where she wanted to test drive a vehicle and allegedly provided the wrong identification. She tried to present the dealership with her own driver's license after that, but by then, it was too late. It was discovered that she already had been charged with fraud and forgery charges in Atlanta.

Ten indicted for alleged criminal tax violations

Atlanta residents may have heard of the term "indictment," but may not be aware of what it means. An indictment is issued by a grand jury after the prosecutor presents evidence and various forms of testimony to them. Once a grand jury decides to bring charges against a potential defendant, the trial usually takes place faster as the prosecutor does not have to convince a judge they have enough evidence to carry on. The process usually goes swifter than those cases without an indictment.

Ten people have been included in an indictment issued recently in connection with an alleged identity theft scheme that has spanned three years. According to the indictment, the accused were part of the alleged ring that illegally received more than $20 million by filing more than 7,000 fraudulent returns. They allegedly obtained stolen identities from the various places they were employed at, and directed anticipated tax refunds to prepaid debit cards, which they cashed at various businesses across different cities, including Georgia.

Former Georgia football coach found not guilty of fraud

Readers of this blog may have read last week's post about a former Georgia football coach facing criminal fraud charges for his alleged role in a Ponzi scheme. Prosecutors alleged that investors in a company were getting high returns from the company even though the company was selling very little merchandise. Prosecutors accused the former coach and another man of paying earlier investors with money received from later investors. According to the prosecution, investors lost more than $22 million in the alleged scheme.

The coach argued that he was himself duped by the other promoter of the scheme, and said he had been led to believe the company was a legitimate business. The trial concluded last week, with the jury finding the coach not guilty on all counts.

Former Georgia football coach facing fraud charges

Atlanta residents facing criminal charges should take them very seriously, especially if they are fraud charges, which can carry with them serious penalties. There are a few options available to them to fight these charges, such as having their day in court during which they challenge every aspect of the prosecution's case or coming to an agreement with the prosecution that would settle the case outside of court. Either way, people charged with fraud should consider their options carefully and do whatever is necessary to protect their rights.

This may be the case for a former Georgia football coach who is accused of running a Ponzi scheme amounting to $80 million. He reportedly ran the scheme through a company that dealt with closeout merchandise. It is alleged that he used his connections with wealthy figures from the college coaching community to raise money for his scheme. Many notable sports figures were lured into investing in the fraudulent scheme.

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